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Evolving Consulting Net Zero Public Commitment

As a Salesforce Certified Partner located in Canada, Evolving Consulting is committed to leading the way in sustainable business practices. With our unique operational model of a fully remote workforce, we are dedicated to achieving Net Zero carbon emissions and contributing to the global fight against climate change.

Our Commitment

  • Remote Workforce: By operating without a physical office, we significantly reduce our carbon footprint, eliminating emissions associated with daily commutes and office energy consumption.

  • Carbon Neutrality: We pledge to offset any remaining carbon emissions resulting from our operations, including the energy usage of our employees working from home and business travel.

  • Sustainable Practices: We will implement and promote sustainable practices among our employees, such as energy-efficient home office setups and minimizing waste.

  • Green Partnerships: We commit to working with clients and partners who share our dedication to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

  • Continuous Improvement: We will continually assess and improve our practices to ensure we are meeting our Net Zero goals, utilizing the latest technologies and methodologies.

Our Goals

  • By 2025: Achieve carbon neutrality through comprehensive emission offsets and sustainable practices.

  • By 2030: Attain Net Zero status by reducing our overall carbon footprint to the lowest possible level and offsetting any remaining emissions.

Our Actions

  • Energy Efficiency: Encourage and support our employees to use energy-efficient devices and renewable energy sources for their home offices.

  • Sustainable Travel: Limit business travel and prioritize virtual meetings. When travel is necessary, we will choose sustainable transportation options and offset the carbon emissions.

  • Environmental Advocacy: Actively promote and engage in initiatives that support environmental sustainability within our industry and community.

Evolving Consulting is committed to a sustainable future and will continuously work towards minimizing our environmental impact. By integrating sustainability into our core values and operations, we aim to set a standard for our industry and inspire others to join us in our journey towards Net Zero.


Together, we can make a difference.

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