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Account Engagement: Professional


2 - 4 Weeks

B2B marketing automation platform that helps businesses generate and nurture leads, streamline their marketing efforts, and track campaign performance. It includes features such as lead scoring, email marketing, and analytics.

Enhanced Sales and Marketing Integration: With the Sales Cloud Integration and Field Mapping, the business ensures seamless communication between its sales and marketing teams. This integration allows for a unified view of leads and prospects, streamlining the sales process.

Streamlined User Management: Setting up Profiles and User Sync ensures that the right people have access to the right information within Pardot, optimizing user roles and permissions for efficient collaboration.

Tailored Communication Assets: Leveraging up to 02 configurations per asset, the business can create personalized Email Templates, Custom Forms, and Landing Pages. These assets are designed to resonate with target audiences and capture valuable leads effectively.

Automated Marketing Processes: By setting up Automation and Segmentation rules, the business automates repetitive marketing tasks and delivers targeted messages to specific segments of its audience, improving engagement and conversion rates.

Sophisticated Campaign Management: Implementing Engagement Studio Campaigns allows the business to orchestrate complex marketing campaigns with multiple touchpoints, nurturing leads through the sales funnel effectively.

Comprehensive Campaign Influence Analysis: Enabling standard Campaign Influence and additional Models in Salesforce enables the business to gain insights into the effectiveness of its marketing efforts. This includes analyzing various attribution models such as First Touch, Last Touch, and Even Distribution Models to understand the impact of different touchpoints on lead conversion.

Data-driven Decision Making: Deploying standard datasets, lens, and dashboards provides the business with actionable insights into its marketing and sales performance. The 5 default Dashboards cover key areas such as Pipeline, Marketing Manager, Engagement, Account-Based Marketing, and Multi-Touch Attribution, facilitating informed decision-making at all levels of the organization.

Customized Training: With up to 04 hours of custom training, the business ensures that its teams are proficient in utilizing the Pardot platform to its full potential. This training empowers users to maximize their productivity and effectiveness in executing marketing strategies.

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