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CPQ CMT Package


4 - 6 Weeks

If you are a Technology company, this comprehensive package ensures a well-configured Salesforce CPQ implementation that streamlines the quoting process, enhances sales efficiency, and supports scalable growth.

Efficient CPQ Package Setup: We update user profiles and configure the CPQ feature package, providing seamless access and setup.

Optimized Opportunities Setup: Customize page layouts and define sales process stages, streamlining opportunity management.

Enhanced Product Configuration: Configure products with CPQ product page layouts, pricing models, and discount tiers for precise quoting. We will provide guidance on how to load your products using predefined templates.

Simplified Price Book Creation: Create a new price book tailored to your CPQ configuration, ensuring accurate pricing.

Customized CPQ Quote Editor: Configure fields, layouts, and rules to streamline quote creation and validation.

Automated Approvals Process: Set up approval workflows to expedite quote approval and ensure accuracy.

Professional Quote Templates: Customize CPQ quote templates with logic, ensuring professional and accurate quotes every time.

Seamless Quote to Order Handoff: Automate the conversion of CPQ quotes into Salesforce orders for a seamless transition.

Efficient Contract Management: Configure fields, layouts, and lifecycle management for streamlined contract management.

Productive Automation: Build specific automations to enhance efficiency and accuracy in your CPQ process.

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