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CPQ Essentials


3 - 5 Weeks

This comprehensive package ensures a well-configured Salesforce CPQ implementation that streamlines the quoting process, enhances sales efficiency, and supports scalable growth.

Workflow Capture: Conduct two workshops to understand and document the quoting process workflow.

CPQ Package Setup:Update user profiles to enable CPQ functionality.
Configure CPQ settings, assuming existing currency setup is valid.

Opportunities Configuration:Update one page layout to provide CPQ Quote access.
Create one record type if needed.
Define sales process stages, limited to one sales process.

Product Configuration:Use CPQ Product Page Layout.
Configure product elements including units of measure (UOM), pricing models, bundle structures, and discount tiers.

Price Books:Create one new pricebook for CPQ configuration.

CPQ Quote & Quote Line Editor:Configure CPQ fields, page layouts, Lightning pages, record types, and custom fields.
Limited to one version of the Quote Line Editor.

Product and Price Rules:Set product selection restrictions and validations.
Implement price rules for additional quoting calculations.

Approval Processes:Create one approval process.

Quote Template:Standard CPQ Quote Template setup and logic.

Quote to Order Handoff:Automate conversion of CPQ Quote to Salesforce Order.

Contracts:Configure fields, one page layout, one Lightning page, and one record type.
Manage subscription lifecycle including amendments and renewals.

Automation:Allocate up to 16 hours for specific CPQ-related automations.

User Acceptance Testing (UAT):Conduct thorough UAT to ensure functionality meets business needs.

Training:Implement Train-the-Trainer model with up to two hours of guided sessions.

Deployment:Migrate solution from Sandbox to Production environment.
Provide go-live support hours to ensure smooth transition and user adoption.

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