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CRM Analytics (CRMA)


2 - 3 Weeks

This quickstart is designed to expedite the deployment and adoption of CRM Analytics. This service offers visual analytics dashboards and AI-powered insights within the CRM. The package includes configuring one templated app with customization or developing 1-2 custom dashboards, data preparation, and dataset development. The service leverages existing data and sets up scheduling for one native data connector, along with coaching and enablement for your team.

Enhanced Decision-Making: Gain actionable insights through AI-powered analytics, enabling data-driven decisions.

Improved Visibility: Access comprehensive visual analytics dashboards that provide a clear view of business performance and customer behavior.

Increased Efficiency: Automate data preparation and analysis, saving time and reducing manual effort.

Real-Time Insights: Obtain real-time data updates, helping to stay current with business trends and performance metrics.

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