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Marketing Cloud Growth


4 Weeks

This package ensures your marketing operations are more efficient, data-driven, and capable of delivering personalized customer experiences, ultimately driving growth and enhancing ROI.

Seamless Integration: Integrate Salesforce Sales and Service Cloud for streamlined data flow, including field mapping and syncing existing campaigns, profiles, and users.

Campaign Optimization: Configure one campaign flow per asset for email segmentation, landing pages, and automation rules to optimize marketing efforts.

Personalized Customer Journeys: Design personalized customer journeys across two channels (email/SMS/outreach), with alerts and touchpoints for sales and service teams.

Data-Driven Insights: Deploy standard datasets and dashboards, including five default dashboards for Pipeline, Marketing Manager, Engagement, Account-Based Marketing, and Multi-Touch Attribution.

Comprehensive Training and Support: Provide up to two hours of training and up to five hours of Go-Live support to ensure a smooth implementation and effective use of the platform.

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