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NPSP Cloud Implementation Fundraising Solution for NP focused on serving youth

Non-profit organization dedicated to youth development, serving more than 2,000 young individuals in grades K-12 within underserved regions of New York City through its programs.


Whitelabel Project



New York, US




NPSP, Salesforce Customer community, Salesforce Partner Community, Salesforce Automations, QGiv


The organization faced challenges managing fundraising, contracts, and employee data with Google Sheets and multiple Google products. This led to difficulties in gaining a clear view of constituents, managing contracts, and a cumbersome hiring process using Google Forms, resulting in data silos and increased administrative hours due to double entry.


Salesforce NPSP Cloud Implementation: Implemented Salesforce NPSP Cloud to streamline and centralize fundraising efforts, providing a clearer view of constituents and enhancing donor management.

Contract Management: Developed a robust contract management system to efficiently handle agreements, monitor contract dates, renewals, and deliverables, improving organizational efficiency and compliance.

Qgiv Integration: Simplifies donation management by integrating with Qgiv to automate and streamline the donation collection and tracking process.

Custom Employee Tracking Module: Developed a customized Employee Tracking module to enhance the hiring process, remove data silos, and optimize HR operations by minimizing administrative tasks and double entry. This module features:

  • A community portal guiding applicants through their application and enabling hired employees to manage their personal information efficiently.

  • A tailored expense and reimbursement management system enabling employees to submit expenses for approval and monitor reimbursement status.

  • A tailored learning and development module enabling employee enrollment in both mandatory and optional courses offered by the organization. This module also tracks training completion, provides proof of completion, and automates reminder notifications.

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