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Revolutionizing Sales Efficiency with Salesforce Dialer Implementation

Our client is a distinguished team of manufacturer representatives for a curated selection of premier custom architectural products in the building envelope industry. They offer a personalized approach, assisting architects, builders, and developers with innovative solutions and unique material recommendations for building envelope and exterior design. 

With a focus on fostering long-term relationships with both clients and vendors, the company brings decades of experience and a knack for creative innovation to their consultancy-style material sourcing.









Salesforce Sales Cloud, Salesforce Automations, Salesforce Dialer


The company faced significant challenges in streamlining communication, boosting sales productivity, and enhancing customer experiences. Their key objectives were:

  • Implementing one-click dialing

  • Automatic call logging

  • Enhanced reporting and analytics

  • Improved customer interactions

They aimed to consolidate customer data, improve sales processes, enhance team communication, and gain deeper insights through advanced analytics.


To address these challenges, the company implemented a comprehensive Salesforce Dialer solution. The solution included:

  1. Lead to Sales Process in Salesforce: Developed a structured lead-to-sales process within Salesforce to streamline and optimize sales workflows.

  2. Salesforce Dialer Implementation: Enabled one-click dialing, significantly reducing the time spent on manual dialing and allowing the sales team to focus on customer interactions.

  3. Automated Reminder Tasks: Automated the creation of reminder tasks whenever a call is logged, ensuring no follow-up opportunity is missed.

  4. Custom Component for Project Tracking: Created a custom component to manage and track projects/opportunities that are put on hold, including reasons and dates, enhancing reporting capabilities.

The implementation of Salesforce Dialer and associated improvements led to substantial benefits:

  • Centralized Customer Data: By consolidating customer information, interactions, and historical data in one central location, the sales team gained a 360-degree view of each customer, enabling more personalized and informed interactions.

  • Improved Sales Processes: Automation and optimization of sales processes, such as lead management and opportunity tracking, resulted in increased efficiency, shorter sales cycles, and better collaboration among team members.

  • Enhanced Communication and Collaboration: Real-time data updates, shared calendars, and collaboration tools facilitated better communication and teamwork among sales personnel.

  • Advanced Analytics and Reporting: Customizable dashboards and reports provided insights into sales performance, trends, and areas for improvement, empowering the team to make data-driven decisions.

This comprehensive solution not only streamlined communication and boosted sales productivity but also significantly enhanced the overall customer experience. The company's sales team is now equipped with the tools and insights needed to drive growth and deliver exceptional service to their clients.

Evolving Consulting was a true game changer in getting us up and going with Salesforce. They are fast and agile and were able to quickly ascertain our needs and grasp the core concepts of our business in very short order. I would highly recommend Evolving Consulting.

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