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Revolutionizing Sales Management for Queen of the Thrones

QOTT connects leaders to modernized holistic practices and natural wellness trends. Demonstrating the synergy between timeless health techniques and contemporary business strategies, catering to the needs of busy wellness professionals seeking to optimize their time, maximize profits, and effectively promote holistic well-being.


Queen of the Thrones




Wellness and Fitness Services


Salesforce Sales Cloud, Integration, Salesforce Automations, Shopify


Sales teams heavily depended on manual Excel tracking, causing inefficiencies and inaccuracies. Reporting progress was challenging due to reliance on Excel and lack of integration. Sales data was confined within the ERP system, limiting access and hindering comprehensive analysis.


  • A customized Salesforce sales model was developed to track and qualify prospects efficiently. This model allowed sales representatives to manage leads, opportunities, and orders seamlessly within the Salesforce platform.

  • An automated process was implemented to track sales commissions accurately. By automating commission calculations and reporting, sales representatives could focus on driving sales rather than administrative tasks.

  • Integration between Salesforce and Shopify was established to synchronize data seamlessly. This integration ensured that pricebooks were up to date and that customer buying history was stored within Salesforce, enabling better visibility and analysis for the sales team.

Overall, the Salesforce implementation empowered Queen of the Thrones to scale their operations efficiently while maintaining a customer-centric approach to sales management.

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