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Streamlining Donor Engagement for Waverly Robotics

Waverly Robotics, a multi-tier robotics program serving Waverly Community Schools in Lansing, MI, has seen remarkable growth since its inception in late 2017. Originally starting with a single high school competition team, Waverly Robotics has expanded to over 20 teams across all grade levels, involving more than 250 active students. The program is dedicated to fostering a love for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) in the community, offering students hands-on learning opportunities and competitive experiences.


Waverly Robotics


Michigan, US




NPC, Salesforce Automations


  • Efficiently Tracking Donations: With an increasing number of donors, Waverly Robotics sought to streamline and enhance their ability to track contributions and donor interactions.

  • Support Staff Optimization: Managing leads and sending mass emails efficiently became a focus, as the organization looked to ensure timely and targeted communications with current and prospective donors.


To capitalize on these opportunities, Waverly Robotics implemented a comprehensive donor management system with the following features:

  • Centralized Donor Database: All donor information, including contact details, donation history, and engagement preferences, was consolidated into a single, centralized database. This system allowed for more streamlined tracking and management of donor interactions.

  • Segmentation and Targeting: Donors were segmented based on donation levels and frequency. This segmentation enabled Waverly Robotics to tailor their communication strategies, ensuring that each donor received relevant and personalized messages.

  • Email Campaigns: The new system facilitated the creation and distribution of targeted email campaigns. These campaigns were designed to engage active donors, re-engage former donors, and attract prospective donors, enhancing overall donor engagement.

  • Email Campaign Approval Process: An approval process for email campaigns was established to ensure consistency, accuracy, and professionalism in all communications. This process involved review and authorization from key stakeholders before emails were sent out.

  • Dashboards: Customizable dashboards were created to visualize key metrics and track performance. These dashboards provided real-time insights into donation trends, campaign effectiveness, and overall donor engagement.

  • Reports: Detailed reports on donations, volunteer activities, and program outcomes were generated. These reports offered valuable insights for strategic planning and demonstrated the impact of donor contributions on the program's success.

The implementation of the new donor management system enhanced Waverly Robotics' ability to engage with their donor base effectively. The centralized database and targeted email campaigns led to a more organized and efficient approach to donor relations. The dashboards and detailed reports provided actionable insights, enabling the team to make informed decisions and optimize their fundraising efforts.

Through the successful implementation of these solutions, Waverly Robotics continues to thrive, inspiring the next generation of innovators and leaders in STEM.

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