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Streamlining Payments &​ Collections Process for​ Apeironix, by Triforta Partners​

Introducing Triforta Insurance Partners—an established entity unveiling a fresh brand. Despite their recent introduction, the company brings a wealth of experience that contradicts their newcomer status. Triforta asserts that its team members are not rookies or novices; many possess seasoned expertise, having accumulated years of experience. In fact, their combined insurance background spans not just decades but centuries, showcasing a profound depth of industry knowledge and hands-on expertise. As the saying goes, Triforta certainly wasn't born yesterday.​




California, US




Salesforce Sales Cloud, Salesforce Automations, Integration


Triforta had a robust offering of insurance plans and programs for their diverse clientele. However, their existing payment collection process was becoming cumbersome and time-consuming.

​Nothing cuts into profits more than time wasted. And one of the ways in which agency leaders and top producers waste time is: generating inaccurate invoices; sending invoices to wrong recipients; and chasing down timely payments. No more. Never again. Apeironix automates financial processes—AP & AR included—that, in turn, increases agency and producer efficiency, decreases expenses, and improves EBITDA.


Evolving Consulting integrated Ascend with Salesforce, their existing customer relationship management (CRM) system, to create a seamless and automated payment collection process.

  • When a producer initiates billing in Salesforce, transferring policy details to Ascend, the system generates a customer billing and sends a payment link back to Salesforce.

  • The payment link, along with billing details, is automatically sent to the customer from Salesforce, ensuring prompt and accurate payment communication.

  • Customers finalize payments through the provided link, and Ascend sends transaction details back to Salesforce upon completion.

  • Salesforce tracks payment transactions, while Apeironix manages billing and payable records for upcoming payments in the insurance agency system.

  • Users can send payment reminders from Salesforce, activating a countdown to monitor overdue payments.

  • The integration provides direct access to financing details from Ascend within Salesforce, enhancing user experience by offering comprehensive financial data within the CRM platform.

20+ Fewer hours spent on accounting​ 

25% Increase in ​agency profits 

65% Fewer non-payment cancelations 

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