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Transforming Customer Support with Salesforce Service Cloud: The SeisWare Success Story

SeisWare, a flagship product of Geoscience Software Solutions, is an integrated geoscience platform designed to streamline collaboration among multi-disciplinary teams. It empowers professionals to visualize, analyze, and share up-to-date interpretations of the subsurface, fostering enhanced decision-making and operational efficiency.





Alberta, CA




Salesforce Service Cloud, Salesforce Automations


Despite SeisWare's innovative capabilities, the company encountered several areas where improvements could enhance customer case management and service team efficiency. These key areas included:

  • Customer Case Management: The need for a more efficient system to handle customer and client calls, cases, and emails.

  • Issue Reporting: The requirement for a streamlined process for the service team to report software issues.

  • Tracking and Escalation: The necessity for robust systems to escalate cases, connect them to existing problem records, and ensure efficient resolution.

  • Email Tracking: The implementation of a more effective method to track incoming service requests via email.

  • Custom Reporting and Monitoring: The development of customized dashboards, reports, and fields tailored to specific business and software needs.

  • First Contact Metrics: The establishment of a defined process for tracking the first contact user and timestamp for cases to improve reporting on key performance indicators (KPIs) related to case response times.

  • Status Change Monitoring: The enhancement of reporting capabilities to monitor status changes and provide KPIs on the time spent resolving cases.


To address these challenges, Geoscience Software Solutions partnered with a Salesforce implementation expert to leverage the capabilities of Salesforce Service Cloud. The comprehensive solution included:

  • Salesforce Service Cloud Integration:Implemented Salesforce Service Cloud to manage customer and client calls, cases, and emails using the standard Salesforce Case Object.
    Utilized the Service Object "Problem" to report on specific software issues, allowing customer service users to escalate cases to problems or link them to existing problem records through a junction object.

  • Email-to-Case Functionality:Enabled Email-to-Case functionalities to automatically track incoming service requests, ensuring no customer inquiry was missed.

  • Customized Service Console:Developed a customized Service Console tailored to SeisWare’s specific business and software needs, enhancing the efficiency of the customer service team.

  • Advanced Reporting and Dashboards:Created tailored dashboards, reports, and fields relevant to SeisWare’s operations, providing clear visibility into customer support metrics and software issue trends.

  • First Contact Metrics:Defined a process to capture the first contact user and date/time stamp for each case, enabling accurate reporting on case open to first contact KPIs.

  • Status Change Monitoring:Implemented status change monitoring for advanced reporting, providing additional KPIs on the time spent resolving cases, thereby improving service efficiency and customer satisfaction.

The integration of Salesforce Service Cloud transformed SeisWare’s customer support operations. The solutions provided:

  • Enhanced Case Management: Streamlined handling of customer cases, improving response times and resolution rates.

  • Effective Issue Reporting: Enabled efficient reporting and tracking of software issues, facilitating quicker resolutions.

  • Improved Tracking and Escalation: Ensured accurate tracking of service requests and seamless escalation of cases to problems.

  • Comprehensive Reporting: Delivered advanced reporting capabilities, offering valuable insights into service performance and software reliability.

  • Optimized First Contact and Resolution Times: Provided detailed metrics on case management, allowing the team to focus on improving response and resolution times.

Through these improvements, SeisWare significantly enhanced its customer service experience, reinforcing its commitment to excellence and innovation in the geoscience software industry.

Evolving Consulting met our expectations with their Salesforce consulting services. Their team demonstrated in-depth expertise and a clear understanding of our business needs. The solutions provided were innovative, efficiently implemented, and greatly enhanced our operational efficiency. The collaboration was seamless, and the results spoke for themselves. We highly recommend Evolving Consulting for Salesforce services.

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