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Transforming Dental Practice Marketing with Salesforce

Now Media Group was founded in 2009. Their passion for businesses and their success defines Now Media Group as a company and as a team. Clients can rely on their dedication to providing the tools necessary to build a strong, lasting, and trusted digital footprint. The team upholds a strong culture of core values that defines both the workplace and the work they do for their clients.


Now Media Group


California, US




Account Engagement, Salesforce Sales Cloud, Salesforce Automations, Mogli, Salesforce Customer community


The Now Media Group wanted to enhance their clients' service offerings by providing marketing support to their clients, who lacked familiarity with marketing tools and automation. The task was to address this gap and provide additional services to meet their requirements.


To provide each dental practice with efficient access to patient data and communication tools while maintaining data security and customization options for each practice, Evolving-Consulting leveraged Salesforce's Experience Cloud and Sales Cloud capabilities in combination with Mogli SMS integration to achieve these objectives.

Our regular discussion through the project led to valuable suggestions that streamlined the process, enhancing my understanding of Salesforce and its capabilities.

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