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Transforming Real Estate Sales with Salesforce Implementation

Real estate company specializing in marketing pre-construction developments in Toronto and the surrounding Greater Toronto Area (GTA).


VIP Condos Toronto




Real Estate


Salesforce Sales Cloud, Account Engagement, Salesforce Automations


  • Data cleanliness issues due to the use of leads for managing the entire customer cycle, resulting in duplicate records and inefficient use of Pardot

  • Reliance on traditional project-focused approaches hindered insights into customer behavior

  • Limited ability to track purchasing history and personalize communication with clients


  • Enhance the sales model by enabling person accounts to track prospects/customers profiles and opportunities, facilitating the management of potential sales and project interests.

  • Develop a custom qualification component to capture prospect data effectively, successfully preventing agents from overlooking crucial details necessary for qualification.

  • Overhaul all email notifications to enhance scalability and cleanliness.

  • Automate various processes to eliminate redundant tasks from agents' responsibilities, allowing them to focus on understanding their customers.

My team has been using Salesforce since 2015 and late last year looked into adding an additional client engagement module.

After many meetings with Salesforce and Evolving we decided to move forward with the transition which was quite complex due to the way we had collected data in our original Salesforce org.

Evolving put my hesitant mind at ease as to how to go about fixing my system.

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