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Transforming Sales and Billing Efficiency

Now Media Group was founded in 2009. Their passion for businesses and their success defines Now Media Group as a company and as a team. Clients can rely on their dedication to providing the tools necessary to build a strong, lasting, and trusted digital footprint. The team upholds a strong culture of core values that defines both the workplace and the work they do for their clients.


Now Media Group


California, US




Salesforce Sales Cloud, Salesforce Automations


The sales and billing procedures at Now Media Group presented significant hurdles, such as:

  • Manual management of payment structures

  • Data synchronization issues

  • Ineffective invoice processing


  • Create a customized payment structure system for a streamlined and efficient process, accessed via a custom screen.

  • Automate order creation upon opportunity win

  • Automatically generate and email invoice PDFs to customers.

15% reduction of data errors.

10 Fewer hours spent on accounting and chasing clients

60% Increased efficiency while managing multiple payment structures

Our company hired Evolving-Consulting to help get off the ground with Salesforce and custom payment schedules. They are truly been the best help I have ever received with a new software platform.

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