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Transforming Sales Excellence: Sunia's Success Story

Sunia is at the forefront of artificial intelligence technology, specializing in image and video processing, handwriting recognition, and AI-based solutions for mobile, portable devices, and computers. Additionally, Sunia excels in providing remote and visualization solutions through the cloud, positioning itself as a leader in the AI industry.




Alberta, CA


Software Development


Salesforce Sales Cloud, Salesforce Automations


Sunia faced several critical challenges that impeded its sales team's efficiency and effectiveness:

  • Centralized Customer Data: Sunia needed to consolidate customer information, interactions, and historical data into a single, central repository. This would provide the sales team with a comprehensive, 360-degree view of each customer, enabling more personalized and informed interactions.

  • Improved Sales Processes: The company sought to automate and optimize various sales processes, including lead management, opportunity tracking, and sales forecasting. Enhancing these processes was crucial to increasing efficiency, shortening sales cycles, and fostering better collaboration among sales team members.

  • Improved Communication and Collaboration: Sunia aimed to facilitate better communication and collaboration among its sales team members. Real-time data updates, shared calendars, and collaboration tools were essential to ensuring that team members could work together seamlessly.

  • Analytics and Reporting: Sunia required advanced analytics and reporting capabilities to gain insights into sales performance, trends, and areas for improvement. Customizable dashboards and reports were needed to support data-driven decision-making.


Sunia implemented a comprehensive solution to address these challenges:

  • Account and Contact Management: Centralizing customer data enabled Sunia's sales team to have a complete view of each customer, enhancing personalized interactions.

  • Lead Management with Automated Assignment/Routing: Automating lead management ensured that leads were assigned and routed efficiently, reducing response times and improving lead conversion rates.

  • Opportunity Management: Streamlined opportunity management helped in tracking sales opportunities more effectively, from initial contact to closing deals.

  • Quote Management with Dynamic Quote Branding and Automated Stage Changes: Automated quote management with dynamic branding and stage changes reduced manual effort and ensured consistency in the sales process.

  • Multi-Level Approval Process: Implementing a multi-level approval process streamlined decision-making, ensuring that all necessary approvals were obtained promptly.

  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator Integration: Integrating LinkedIn Sales Navigator allowed Sunia's sales team to leverage social selling tools, enriching customer profiles and improving engagement strategies.


The implementation of these solutions transformed Sunia's sales operations. With centralized customer data, automated and optimized sales processes, enhanced communication and collaboration tools, and advanced analytics, Sunia experienced:

  • A significant increase in sales efficiency and productivity.

  • Shorter sales cycles and improved lead conversion rates.

  • Enhanced collaboration among sales team members, leading to better teamwork and faster decision-making.

  • Valuable insights into sales performance and trends, enabling data-driven strategies and continuous improvement.

Evolving Consulting met our expectations with their Salesforce consulting services. Their team demonstrated in-depth expertise and a clear understanding of our business needs. The solutions provided were innovative, efficiently implemented, and greatly enhanced our operational efficiency. The collaboration was seamless, and the results spoke for themselves. We highly recommend Evolving Consulting for Salesforce services.

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